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bontoy friendimal kids toy
Product Design

Bontoy Friendimal Safe Toys for Kids

Safety and Comfortable is first things if we want buy our kids toy. Especially when kids have active habitual at home. Bontoy Friendimal Safe Toys is answer your problem for safety and comfortable kid toy.

Designed by Design Groom from Seoul, Korea. This product design have a award in 2014 as “Good Design Award” and in 2016 as ” If and Red Dot Design Award”.

So this product design is has proven to be safe and comfortable kid toys. In Addition to design color is very unique for kids, which is make playing time is more happier.

Bontoy can Uplift and Downlift

Child Happy Playing with Friendimal


Parts of Bontoy

Design Groom Says :

Dibambi(efolium) Bontoy freindimal. A whale with a round body form that portraits a human baby. Adopting of a whale’s movement as a design element. Whale’s tale movement and spraying action is translated into a design. Bontoy Friendimal was recognized for its outstanding design by being awarded with the 2014 “Good Design Award”, 2016 “IF and Red Dot Design Award.” During the developing process our engineering experts carried out numerous tests to guarantee the safety of your child. We maintain optimal production conditions by using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and high quality materials.

Friendimal can be used from 3-years to 8-years old. Its whole new mechanism can embrace all the kids more safely.

Credit to : DESIGN GROOM


walnut floating drawer for bedroom
Product Design

Walnut Floating Drawer

Walnut Floating Drawer is important furniture who want to decorate bedroom with clean design and have wooden impression.

Material by wood is always nice to decor room. Because its give calm atmosphere and close with nature element. This ideas then implementation at Product Design by Manuel Barrera and named it Walnut 2 Drawer Tantik Floating Night Stand.

As I know, Mr. Manuel always show his new product at behance page and its always impress me. You can too find his project at his behance, and you can support the project.

If you feel this product design is good for you, please share and give us recommended, thanks for coming, enjoyy 🙂

the chair 04 design 3
Product Design

The Chair 04 with Geometric Design

The Chair 04 Project

Howdy people, many thanks for visiting, now I have wonderfull inspiration from designer Mehmet Kilic, Istanbul Turkey. He made product design project, and name it The Chair_04.

As you can see, I love the way Mehmet play with the edge for this chair product furniture.Looks elegant and very appropriate in place in any room.

I have been looking for this project on mehmet behance page. If you like for new ideas for your next design project then Mehmet behance page is worth to visit. He has done many project in design product.

Hopefully you love it as we do. If possible please share this photo to your mates, family, or share it to social media like google plus, facebook, twitter, instagram or another social bookmarking site.

front view

side view

Official Logo

Find Mehmet on …


Designed by Mehmet Kılıç
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Tool Used: Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray

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Dachstein Urban Outdoor FW15 16 Adversiting
Product Design

Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear

Urban Outdoor Footwear

If you are a mobile worker then Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear  shoe is perfect to support your work every day. This shoe is designed to be in use in various weather conditions.

Designer Christoph Döttelmayer from Salzburg, Austria create this project with name Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear. He create this project for branding Dachstein footwear.

In this project, Christoph create 3 type of urban shoes for all condition weather with different function. KURTS DDS footwear, Hubert DDS footwear, and Skywalker footwear.

You can see more project from Christoph at his behance page. enjoy!

Spesification of KURT DDS Urban Outdoor Footwear

  • Premium nubuk leather
  • All-weather mesh lining
  • EVA midsole for additional shock absorption
  • Watertight and breathable due to the DryDS-Membrane
  • Sure-footed traction due to the non-slip


KURT DDS Footwear

Spesification Huber DDS Footwear

Great-looking mid-cut boot for dry feet and sure-footed progress at the coldest time of year

  • Premium ful-grain leather
  • All-weather mesh lining jeans-look
  • EVA midsole for additional shock absorption
  • Watertight and breathable due the DryDS-Membrane
  • Sure-footed traction due to anti-slip Vibram Predator sole

Huber DDS

Urban Footwear

Huber DDS Design

Huber DDS Color

Spesification Skywalk MC

  • High-cut lifestyle boot for a sporty, whatever the season.
  • Sport, hi-tech apperance and trendy colors
  • Sure-footed traction due to anti-slip Vibrame Predator sole
  • Perfect whatever the time of year
  • Perfectly suited to urban outdoor activities

Skywalk MC

Skywalk MC design

Credits : Christoph Döttelmayer

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wallnut entryhall console with industrial design
Product Design

Entryhall Console with Industrial Design

Wallnut Entryhall Console

Tidy house is the desire of all people. Especially when the way of design  follow the style of the homeowner.

Entryhall Walnut Console is designed to inspire guests when come to your home to feel comfortable.

This product was designed by Manuel Barrera from Madrid, Spain.

To decoration the console and make it more interesting, you can put some favorite object such as a photograph of your family, or clock.

Entryhall Console Decoration

Wood Material

Industrial Design

Photo credit to Manuel Barrera