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Guest House 3

Victor Heinbuchner Design Guest House #001 in Russia –  This scetch guest house #001 design by Victor Heinbunchner and located in russia, tyumen.

We’re happy to share with you a stunning guest house #001 that will give ideas of new home project a distinctive futuristic look. Make sure to check out the webpage for more free high-resolution architectural photos for personal project.


Guest House by Victor Heinbuchner

This is a preliminary sketch of a house in a series of developments that are aimed to be built in a small village in Russia. The territory of the village is 5 hectares divided into eight land plots. The project envisages creating the experience of comfort and pleasure in a pure natural environment.
The total building area of the presented guest house is about 240 meters’ square. Parking space for cars and motorcycles is conveniently located in the basement that is 120 meters’ square.
Developing the project, I adhered to the principle of a single block to facilitate maximal thermal efficiency. The local climate conditions are severe, and in winter it could reach -40 °C, therefore keeping warm is highly important.
The house is intended to be a welcoming place for guests. That is why all four bedrooms are planned as en-suites.
The first-floor is as high as 4,5 meters. It allowed me to introduce an additional sleeping area for children above some of the bedrooms.

prefabricated tiny house

Prefabricated Tiny House

“Designed to allow its residents to up sticks and move to a new location in less than a day”

We’re happy to share with you a stunning Prefabricated Tiny House  that will give you ideas about your dream house. Nowadays, people prefer to have moving house. By doing so, they will feel free.

Having low cost makes this tiny house affordable for everyone. Starting from now you can save your money to build it.

This tiny prefabricated dwelling by Estonian design collective Kodasema.


Ground floor plan – click for larger image

First floor plan – click for larger image

Section one – click for larger image

Section two – click for larger image

minimal bathroom suite 4

So Cool Minimal Bathroom Suite for Home Apartment

“This natural and recognisable shape of the designs, along with the soft rolled edge, makes the pieces extraordinarily appealing to the human eye, as well as inviting, familiar and modern at the same time,” said Norm Architects .

Hello everyone, today we share this awesome minimal bathroom suite design by Norm Architecs. Inspired by elastic material, this minimal bathroom suite will make home apartment more friendly and enjoy. You can view this antique design for reference.

exterior of tiny house 3
Tiny House

Purple Wheel Tiny House

This Purple Wheel Tiny House is very complete home on the wheel which can be move anytime you want to move it.

Fully equipped with mini bathroom, sink to clean your plate, multi function room, even you have tiny stairs to go 2nd floor.

At the 1st floor, you have small bedroom for 2 people, complete with air conditioner and mirror. You have wooden floor which is easy to clean from dust or another trash.

I think you will enjoy to travel with this Purple wheel tiny house around the country and maybe you can stay for a nigth there. Hope this tiny home ideas can inspire you, and maybe if you feel this post good, you can click button share to social media. thanks for coming, and enjoyyyy 🙂

Cute Door

Kitchen Area 2

Kitchen Area

Sink Ideas

Mini Stairs

volkswagen tiny home ideas
Tiny House

Lets Travel Around The Country With 1967 Volkswagen

Beauty of 1967 Volkswagen

From the first sight I see Volkswagen car, I was falling love with this things. VW car always amaze me when people costum it or modification the model.

Especially this 1967 Volkswagen that was modification like a Tiny Home. For People who like traveling like me, this is like dream come true for have this vehicle all at once home for living.

You must see the gallery of 1967 Volkswagen below, please give recommended love, and share this post. thanks for visiting , enjoyyy 🙂

Beach Always Good Place

On the Road

Lets Camp Here!

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tiny truck home exterior design 23
Tiny House

Tiny Truck Home

Want travel around to the another place without leave your home ? You need this Tiny Truck Home to do that.

Inside this Tiny House, you can find a small bedroom for you and your friends traveling, a bathroom with closet, a kitchen with full set, and you can wash your clothes too.

All you need for tiny living is complete in this Tiny Truck Home, and the last thing is, maybe you need driving license to ride this tiny home.

If you like this home and love tiny living style, please share and give love bellow for this post. I will post another tiny home ideas for you. enjoyy 🙂


Kitchen Ideas

white kitchen design 2

Classis and Comtemporer Kitchen Design with White Color

The kitchen is the main room in a house. Kitchen becomes a place to meet  with family members when going to eat together. So that the kitchen design should be comfortable and clean.

The idea of a comfortable and clean kitchen is the concept of the project were made by Nicolas JOUSLIN. Wall kitchen is colored with white, and floor is using wood material, this is making the atmosphere bright and nice.

For your information, Nicolas has been finished many project architecture, if you want to give your appreciate to his work, you can visit Nicolas behance page. thanks for coming, hope you enjoy 🙂

Table Set in White Kitchen

White Table Island

Steel Chair Kitchen Set

Glass on Table

Sink in Kitchen


Credit to Nicolas JOUSLIN

Name Project : WHITE KITCHEN

Tag Project : Architecture, Photography, Digital Art

interior design office

Interior Design Office with Black Color Scheme

Cabinet Project of Interior Design Office by Denis

Cabinet is interior design office project created by Denis Fomin from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Black color is covering wall area this office project. As it is have furniture that gives a luxurious impression.

This office is designed to focus on the owner only, so not a lot of furniture that is conspicuous, and use almost uniform color. This fireplace from granite and table set with wood materials holds a world of comfort in its interior.

You can give support to the artist who creates this, with visiting their page and give comment to their work. thanks

Black Scheme


Interior Office

Office Ideas

Credits : Denis Fomin
tag : architecture, interior design, digital art,

Tools Used : Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray

Year Project : 2017

Tables and Stools with Wood Material

Classy Table and Stools with Wood Material by Note Design Studio

Not-Eye Catching – Fogia Brand

This modern and minimalist furniture table and stools, forms part of an extension added to a home furniture by Note Design Studio. It is latest collection for Swedish brand Fogia.

The table is created from oak veneer, with legs in stable wood when the stool is made which has a moulded stable oak seat and legs.

Fyi, Note Design Studio  was launched in 2008. Its team of designers create a wide range of products, including office dividers for working people on the go and a dining theatre for Europe’s largest mall.


Wood Material

Moulded Solid Oak Material

Oak Veneer Table

Full Set Furniture Table and Stool

Studio : Note Design Studio 

Product : Furniture Table and Stools Set.

Year Project : 2017


architecture flower shop ideas

Flower Shop Ideas – Yellow Parrot

Gif and Flower Shop Ideas

Olga Bogdanova from Kiev, Ukraine is very talented interior Designer. Below is her work redecorating a ordinary flower shop become to extra ordinary flower shop.

Olga not alone, she work with Ilya Nevrada new brand of Yellow parrot flower shop.

I usually fint the flower shop always have simple decoration, maybe the owner think, the flower is enough for decoration. But Olga and her friend think out of the book and make this cool project for Yellow parrot.

Thanks for very nice work, check Olga picture below :

Olga Bogdanova says :

This project came with the task of decorating the existing premises for a flower shop. Together, with Ilya Nepravda, we created a bright brand yellow parrot. The yellow parrots that are on display became the symbol of the place. Yellow parrots are a variety of tulips, by the way. The yellow color became a bright accent in the interior. The main table on the ground floor is filled with small white grains of rice, which symbolize the germ, as the basis of any plant. In the centre, we placed kokedama, soaring in the frame. The first floor has collected decor for the home.

Architects: Olga Bogdanova, Olga Taranova
Studio: 2B.Group
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Function: flowers shop
Project Year: 2015
Graphic designer: Ilya Nepravda
Photo: Andrey Bezuglov

living room with industrial design

Living Room with Industrial Design

Comfy and Welcoming Living Room Design

Have idea to remodel Living room with Industrial design ? You might want to look at home project by Dmitriy Egoshin that can be both comfy and  welcoming for your home.

If you look closer, color grading for this living room is very impressive, fits with your personal elegant. Be sure you think about all these elements as you select new furniture.

If you are in the mood for some home decorating, why not to check out Dmitry’s Behance page for a few inspirational tips for your next theme timepiece home with industrial design.

paris basketball playground 2

Superb PIGALLE Basketball Playground in Paris – welcome back to internet, today i want to share the superb – cool – and breathtaking basketball playground.

Take a look closer to the pictures this basketball playground, the color that mesmerizing to who look at it. Named with PIGALLE Basketball Playground, imagine if you play basketball with your friend in this playground, it will be unforgettable moment.

Photographed by Ludwig Favre, the talented photographer from paris, France. You can follow all of his work at behance page and get new ideas about photography. thanks for coming.