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minimal bathroom suite 4

So Cool Minimal Bathroom Suite for Home Apartment

“This natural and recognisable shape of the designs, along with the soft rolled edge, makes the pieces extraordinarily appealing to the human eye, as well as inviting, familiar and modern at the same time,” said Norm Architects .

Hello everyone, today we share this awesome minimal bathroom suite design by Norm Architecs. Inspired by elastic material, this minimal bathroom suite will make home apartment more friendly and enjoy. You can view this antique design for reference.

xbox one s design lab 4

Xbox One S Design Lab

“white is the new black. Smaller is better – Xbox One S Designer “

Today im very happy to share with you all, Xbox One S design animation by very talented designer Blind Visual Pro and Matthew Encina. Just for information, this is their second year created content and opened for Xbox’s E3 Show. Design of console game Xbox one S is very amazing, because focus on to define the strength of the Xbox One S.


Client :
Client: Microsoft Xbox
Agency: Ayzenberg
Creatives: Craig McNary (Global Integrated Marketing, Microsoft Devices and Studios), Gary Goodman (Creative Director, Ayzenberg), Allen Bey (Creative Director, Ayzenberg)
Producer: Mehera Bey (Producer, Ayzenberg), Tara Cheitlin (Producer, Ayzenberg)

Credits : 
Executive Creative Director: Chris Do
Director: Matthew Encina
Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Matthew Encina
Executive Producer: Scott Rothstein
Post Producer: Bridget Brennan
Art Director: Stanley Ng, Matthew Encina
Designers: Brian Phan, Rachelle Moon, Ivan Cruz, Silvia Yom, Matthew Encina, Grace Lee, Benjamin Lopez
2D Animators: Marco Campobasso, Noah Rappaport, Stanley Ng, Ryan Kaplan
3D Animators: Stanley Ng, Ryan Kaplan, Jensen Abler, Grace Lee, Juan Carlos Cuadra
Lighters: Ryan Kaplan, Jensen Abler, Grace Lee
Storyboard Artist: Ben Kendall
Editor: Stanley Ng, Parker Wilson

Tools : 
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Cinema4D

jyn erso rogue one

Amazing Star Wars Rogue One Artwork Today On Internet!

So much hype to this movie star wars rogue one and people say this is the best film they seen all year!

This thrilling movie come with fix plot holes, awesome soundtrack, superb animation graphic, and introduced some character. A lot battle sequences is very epic to enjoy, and sometime its very emotional too.

In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves.

Okay, enough with the plot movie, today I’m glad to share with you a collection of rogue one artwork images that capture the scene of star wars rogue one artwork. All artwork images come in JPG and PNG format and can be used  as your Desktop wallpaper and Mobile wallpaper too.
Big thanks to all artist from deviantart for providing us with this awesome artwork. Make sure to check out the webpage for more stars wars rogue one artwork.


2017 Holiday Gift Basket by Helen Ratcliffe

Say hello to a new packaging design of a simple 2017 holiday gift basket by Helen Racliffe, ideal for who need ideas to packaging their gift for this end year holiday.

The packaging design include for chocolate chips basket ideas, nutty basket ideas,crispy cookies basket ideas. Everyone who recive this holiday git would be happy from you anyway. Big thanks to for Behance Helen Racliffe graphic for providing us with this awesome ideas. If you enjoy this ideas, then go ahead and check the Chocolate Chip Cookies Package Design.

Stock Images

The Must Have Resource Underwater Photography

This resource underwater photo stock of the day is inviting collection of best 5 view photos of various beauty of underwater photography.

Here we have the best collection of high resolution underwater photography with female model. This Collection photos have unique interesting perspective that will be sure to inspire your project photography. Thanks to Semisae for providing us with this awesome project, make sure to check her devianart page to see more portrait female model photography!
Taking Pictures of Underwater Photography is not as easy as it looks. Photographer need to takes planning, tools, creativity and good skill to be able to capture that perfect shot off underwater photography. Good shot can show the real beauty of model at the photos and sometimes the shot is a one-in-a-million opportunity, that may not come again.

ghost in the shell wallpaper artwork

Ghost In The Shell Illustration Glimpse

Long time not update, Today we have great illustration from box office movie Ghost in The Shell 2017.

This artwork is done by Janur Schell, and uploaded at his page behance. This project artwork have wide resolution and can use as your wide desktop wallpaper.

Thanks to the artist, you can visit his behance page with click link and you will direct into.

graphic art

Discover 5 Gorgeous Digital Art, Number 3 Perfect for Desktop Wallpaper

Howdy, this morning I’m very happy to share with you 5 Gorgeous Digital art collection with high-resolution image that capture the beauty of wreck city, landscape view of game mass effect 2, awesome 3D nature skies, or amazing photo manipulation ship in a bottle. All digital art images come in JPG format and can be used freely for your desktop wallpaper or background.

I really appreciate to all graphic illustrators for providing us these awesome graphic arts. Make sure to check out the webpage for more awesome high-resolution graphic images for personal use.  please support theirs work with visite their page at

A city called wreckage by Tryingtofly

MASS Effect 2 Citadel by droot1968

Orchestrated Skies by naturegraphic

Ship in a bottle by frequenzlos

Their pale place by alexius

euro truck simulator france map

Game: Breaking News! Euro Truck Simulator Update 1.26

Hello truck driver gamers lovers, today i have good news to you, because Official developer Euro Truck simulator or SCSSOFT has release new update 1.26 now live!

For information, now ETS have new map, that location at city of paris and has been rebuilt just for us. you know france have good city landscape to discover, this update make me so excited, but because i still play ETS the legacy non-steam non edition, i must waiting for link download update.

“Vive La France!” new map for ETS is going to be released at December 5, 2016. below important update for euro truck simulator 2016 :

Game Changes

> Adjustable interior FOV per truck
> Added parking difficulty (preset option included)
> Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver costs money, included in logs
> Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade
> Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option
> Better trailer air pressure simulation
> Low air warning should only be active with running engine
> Revised rolling resistance computations
> Hired driver use the very same formulas for eco skill as the player

Info for Modders

> Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data)
> Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor)
> 1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home
> Merged editable sign and sign dialog
> Refresh sign template and its model from content browser
> Added letter-spacing to sign editor
> Store content browser navigation history
> Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u


the flash retro cartoon illustration

Retro Cartoons Illustrations

Amazing Retro Cartoons Illustrations of famous superhero by Diego Riselli, Italia. Im very entertained when see all collection of this superhero.

Although look bit weird, when superheros have  sharp boots and tiny beard. If you feel entertains too, please go to Mr. Diego Behance page.

Below this collection of Retro Cartoons, and enjoyyy 🙂

Bane – Retro Cartoons

Deadpool vs Wolverine

Robocop – Retro Cartoons

Batman and Robin Hood

All Cartoons Illustration Credit to Diego Riselli Behance.

Software used : Adobe Illustration, Pencil


bontoy friendimal kids toy
Product Design

Bontoy Friendimal Safe Toys for Kids

Safety and Comfortable is first things if we want buy our kids toy. Especially when kids have active habitual at home. Bontoy Friendimal Safe Toys is answer your problem for safety and comfortable kid toy.

Designed by Design Groom from Seoul, Korea. This product design have a award in 2014 as “Good Design Award” and in 2016 as ” If and Red Dot Design Award”.

So this product design is has proven to be safe and comfortable kid toys. In Addition to design color is very unique for kids, which is make playing time is more happier.

Bontoy can Uplift and Downlift

Child Happy Playing with Friendimal


Parts of Bontoy

Design Groom Says :

Dibambi(efolium) Bontoy freindimal. A whale with a round body form that portraits a human baby. Adopting of a whale’s movement as a design element. Whale’s tale movement and spraying action is translated into a design. Bontoy Friendimal was recognized for its outstanding design by being awarded with the 2014 “Good Design Award”, 2016 “IF and Red Dot Design Award.” During the developing process our engineering experts carried out numerous tests to guarantee the safety of your child. We maintain optimal production conditions by using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and high quality materials.

Friendimal can be used from 3-years to 8-years old. Its whole new mechanism can embrace all the kids more safely.

Credit to : DESIGN GROOM


walnut floating drawer for bedroom
Product Design

Walnut Floating Drawer

Walnut Floating Drawer is important furniture who want to decorate bedroom with clean design and have wooden impression.

Material by wood is always nice to decor room. Because its give calm atmosphere and close with nature element. This ideas then implementation at Product Design by Manuel Barrera and named it Walnut 2 Drawer Tantik Floating Night Stand.

As I know, Mr. Manuel always show his new product at behance page and its always impress me. You can too find his project at his behance, and you can support the project.

If you feel this product design is good for you, please share and give us recommended, thanks for coming, enjoyy 🙂

exterior of tiny house 3
Tiny House

Purple Wheel Tiny House

This Purple Wheel Tiny House is very complete home on the wheel which can be move anytime you want to move it.

Fully equipped with mini bathroom, sink to clean your plate, multi function room, even you have tiny stairs to go 2nd floor.

At the 1st floor, you have small bedroom for 2 people, complete with air conditioner and mirror. You have wooden floor which is easy to clean from dust or another trash.

I think you will enjoy to travel with this Purple wheel tiny house around the country and maybe you can stay for a nigth there. Hope this tiny home ideas can inspire you, and maybe if you feel this post good, you can click button share to social media. thanks for coming, and enjoyyyy 🙂

Cute Door

Kitchen Area 2

Kitchen Area

Sink Ideas

Mini Stairs