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tiny truck home exterior design 23
Tiny House

Tiny Truck Home

Want travel around to the another place without leave your home ? You need this Tiny Truck Home to do that.

Inside this Tiny House, you can find a small bedroom for you and your friends traveling, a bathroom with closet, a kitchen with full set, and you can wash your clothes too.

All you need for tiny living is complete in this Tiny Truck Home, and the last thing is, maybe you need driving license to ride this tiny home.

If you like this home and love tiny living style, please share and give love bellow for this post. I will post another tiny home ideas for you. enjoyy 🙂


Kitchen Ideas

samuel l jackson photos 2

Samuel L. Jackson Photoshoot by The Rake Magazine

Samuel L. Jakson Photoshoot

Today, I have amazing Samuel L. Jackson photoshoot  from coolest photographer Tomo Brejc. His work is publishing at The Rake Magazine April 2015 issue.

Check out more amazing shot from Tomo  Brecj below.

American actor

Born December 21, 1948, Washington DC, United States

Height: 1.89 m

Upcoming movies: The Incredibles 2, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Blazing Samurai, Avengers: Infinity War, Untitled Avengers film

Detail Project :

The Rake Magazine

Photographer: Tomo Brejc
Fahion and Art Direction: Sarah Ann Murray
Post-Production: Digital Light Ltd

white kitchen design 2

Classis and Comtemporer Kitchen Design with White Color

The kitchen is the main room in a house. Kitchen becomes a place to meet  with family members when going to eat together. So that the kitchen design should be comfortable and clean.

The idea of a comfortable and clean kitchen is the concept of the project were made by Nicolas JOUSLIN. Wall kitchen is colored with white, and floor is using wood material, this is making the atmosphere bright and nice.

For your information, Nicolas has been finished many project architecture, if you want to give your appreciate to his work, you can visit Nicolas behance page. thanks for coming, hope you enjoy 🙂

Table Set in White Kitchen

White Table Island

Steel Chair Kitchen Set

Glass on Table

Sink in Kitchen


Credit to Nicolas JOUSLIN

Name Project : WHITE KITCHEN

Tag Project : Architecture, Photography, Digital Art

mei overwatch heroes wallpaper
Stock Images

(1K Watcher) OVERWATCH Fan Art by Asteltainn

Overwatch is the game that is being favored by many gamers. Exciting style of play and the hero with different skills become advantages of of this game.

Besides having great skill, every hero in overwatch also has an attractive appearance and deserve to be wallpaper, desktop or smartphone. Many fans who make fan art overwatch then spread on the internet.

One of fans is  Asteltainn, with his skill design, create cool fan art overwatch. Even there its design has already seen a thousand times.

There are following 6 heroes, Widowmaker, Mercy, Genji, Winson, Reinhardt, and Mei. You can check more fan art by Asteltainn at his Devianart page and social media. thanks for coming, keep watching, and enjoy!






( Credit to  Asteltainn – Devianart )

Find him at …

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook Twitter Tumblr pixiv | ArtStation CG+ | VK Tapastic |

officer vi league of legends cosplay

Well Crafted Cosplay League Of Legends Hereos by Kinpatsu

Willingness and totality are important according to Kinpatsu-Cosplay when she became a cosplayer.

When kinpatsu want to become a popular figure, whether real or fictional character, kinpatsu always trying to make exclusive cosplay that make people jaw dropped.

Today, Kinpatsu give us five heroes cosplay from game League of legends or LOL. All the gear is very well crafted by Kinpatsu and all Weapon too.

Cosplayer kinpatsu is amassing quite a following on social media thanks to her gorgeous and varied cosplays. If you want to know more about her, you can follow social media account at the end of this post. thanks and enjoy 🙂

Miss Fortunre and Riven

Credit to : Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Find Kinpatsu-Cosplay on ..

Facebook   Twitter   Instagram  Patreon

the chair 04 design 3
Product Design

The Chair 04 with Geometric Design

The Chair 04 Project

Howdy people, many thanks for visiting, now I have wonderfull inspiration from designer Mehmet Kilic, Istanbul Turkey. He made product design project, and name it The Chair_04.

As you can see, I love the way Mehmet play with the edge for this chair product furniture.Looks elegant and very appropriate in place in any room.

I have been looking for this project on mehmet behance page. If you like for new ideas for your next design project then Mehmet behance page is worth to visit. He has done many project in design product.

Hopefully you love it as we do. If possible please share this photo to your mates, family, or share it to social media like google plus, facebook, twitter, instagram or another social bookmarking site.

front view

side view

Official Logo

Find Mehmet on …


Designed by Mehmet Kılıç
Tagged on : Industrial Design ,Furniture Design, Product Design
Tool Used: Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray

All rights reserved.

catwoman cosplay

This Catwoman Cosplay is The Best


Beware, She Dangerous

Surprisingly, this is the first Catwoman cosplay we’ve seen. She has too much of an advantage. Ray Barmaley is totally have amazing skill to transform her self like Catwoman from DC Comic.

Collaboration with Siradze as photographer, produce cosplay that worth to appreciate. You can see at siradze page, many character cosplay he has photographed.

Check out more pics of Catwoman Cosplay from photographer  Siradze below.

Detail Project :

Fandom – DC Comics
Character – Catwoman
Cosplayer – Ray Barmaley
Photographer – Giorgy Siradze

Credit to  Siradze

beauty moana cosplay
Stock Images

100% Beautiful Moana Cosplay You Can See Today

Beautiful Moana Cosplay

Today I’m very happy to share with you, beautiful  cosplayer woman MomoKurumi. She is member of devianart and has already creating cosplay for many character which she like most.

Momokurumi collaboration with Dapper Geek News to capture photo of Princess Moana. They took photo on the beach as background, that seem real.

Maybe you need Moana artwork too ? you can check Top 5 Beauty Moana Artwork here. Hope you like it, Enjoy 🙂

Moana and SEA

Looks Cute, Moana ?

Click to see large image Moana

Landscape Wallpaper Moana

MomoKurumi Say about the Her Work :

So in November of 2016, Disney will be introducing their newest princess, Princess Moana! She’s a Polynesian adventurer with a free spirit, and I already know I’m going to see this movie the earliest I can!

This is my “pre-game” cosplay, I’ll likely remake it later as more details and information come out about her. But I’m having a fun time promoting the new princess, so that hopefully people will get acquainted with her arrival and go see her when her movie hits the screens! I hopehopehope this movie is as awesome as I want it to be, because it sounds like a really interesting princess movie compared to your usual pretty dress and fancy hair princesses!

Photo by:

Find MomoKurumi on …

Credit to ..

Dachstein Urban Outdoor FW15 16 Adversiting
Product Design

Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear

Urban Outdoor Footwear

If you are a mobile worker then Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear  shoe is perfect to support your work every day. This shoe is designed to be in use in various weather conditions.

Designer Christoph Döttelmayer from Salzburg, Austria create this project with name Dachstein Urban Outdoor Footwear. He create this project for branding Dachstein footwear.

In this project, Christoph create 3 type of urban shoes for all condition weather with different function. KURTS DDS footwear, Hubert DDS footwear, and Skywalker footwear.

You can see more project from Christoph at his behance page. enjoy!

Spesification of KURT DDS Urban Outdoor Footwear

  • Premium nubuk leather
  • All-weather mesh lining
  • EVA midsole for additional shock absorption
  • Watertight and breathable due to the DryDS-Membrane
  • Sure-footed traction due to the non-slip


KURT DDS Footwear

Spesification Huber DDS Footwear

Great-looking mid-cut boot for dry feet and sure-footed progress at the coldest time of year

  • Premium ful-grain leather
  • All-weather mesh lining jeans-look
  • EVA midsole for additional shock absorption
  • Watertight and breathable due the DryDS-Membrane
  • Sure-footed traction due to anti-slip Vibram Predator sole

Huber DDS

Urban Footwear

Huber DDS Design

Huber DDS Color

Spesification Skywalk MC

  • High-cut lifestyle boot for a sporty, whatever the season.
  • Sport, hi-tech apperance and trendy colors
  • Sure-footed traction due to anti-slip Vibrame Predator sole
  • Perfect whatever the time of year
  • Perfectly suited to urban outdoor activities

Skywalk MC

Skywalk MC design

Credits : Christoph Döttelmayer

Tag : Branding Graphic Design Industrial Design

interior design office

Interior Design Office with Black Color Scheme

Cabinet Project of Interior Design Office by Denis

Cabinet is interior design office project created by Denis Fomin from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Black color is covering wall area this office project. As it is have furniture that gives a luxurious impression.

This office is designed to focus on the owner only, so not a lot of furniture that is conspicuous, and use almost uniform color. This fireplace from granite and table set with wood materials holds a world of comfort in its interior.

You can give support to the artist who creates this, with visiting their page and give comment to their work. thanks

Black Scheme


Interior Office

Office Ideas

Credits : Denis Fomin
tag : architecture, interior design, digital art,

Tools Used : Autodesk 3ds Max, Vray

Year Project : 2017

wallnut entryhall console with industrial design
Product Design

Entryhall Console with Industrial Design

Wallnut Entryhall Console

Tidy house is the desire of all people. Especially when the way of design  follow the style of the homeowner.

Entryhall Walnut Console is designed to inspire guests when come to your home to feel comfortable.

This product was designed by Manuel Barrera from Madrid, Spain.

To decoration the console and make it more interesting, you can put some favorite object such as a photograph of your family, or clock.

Entryhall Console Decoration

Wood Material

Industrial Design

Photo credit to Manuel Barrera

underwater stock images
Stock Images

2017 Underwater Stock Images

Underwater Photography

I’m happy to present today 2017 Underwater stock images featuring amazing of underwater life of ocean. This small collection of images is can be use in any kind of digital project, or simply as wallpaper background your device personal computer.

Feel free to support the author by visiting their devianart page with click the images below, and you will go to the author page. There is many more stock images of underwater.

Thanks to visiting


286 Underwater Lagoon

Premade 10

Under The Sea BG

Water Split Aqua

Underwater BG 2000×2000

Credit to :

Tigers-stock )

jagged-eye )

FrostBo )

mysticmorning )

Pure-Poison89 )

Moonglowlilly )