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November 2016

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Top 5 Beauty Moana Artwork Fan Art

Did you ever watch the newest animation movie from Disney animation studios ? if you often watch youtube, you must be familiar with the trailer from animation movie titled “Moana“, this movie will be released soon at your favorite cinema!

This Animation Movie from Walt Disney tells the story about a daughter who like sea voyages so much, named Moana Waialiki. She spends her time by playing on the beach together with her friends. Beside that, Beauty Moana is the only daughter of a well-known chief. One day Moana’s family needs her help, so that she sets off an epic journey with her friends to across the sea. this animation movie is directed by Roy Celement and John Musker, starring by Dwayne Jhonson and Rachel House.

This animation movie attracts the fans of Walt Disney movie, so that many illustration artists cartoon which draw Moana. Here they are Top 5 beauty moana artwork fan art we found in internet today, hope you like it!

 MOANA by rkyk

Moana Waialiki by archibaldart

MOANA – Youtube! by rossdraws

+MOANA – The Journey Begins + by larienne

+Moana + by larienne

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